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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center - Santa Monica

CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica is an addiction treatment center for alcohol & drugs in addition to associated mental health issues. From our location in Santa Monica, California we help clients from across the Los Angeles metro areas. Some people living in Santa Monica may be overwhelmed with the number of choices when it comes to choosing a rehab center.  On top of dealing with their drug addiction, people have to figure out who can best help them get over their addiction.

Even after you choose a facility, there are so many different programs offered that it can be exhausting just thinking about all of them. You feel like you are out of your element.  You are no doctor and you are not a psychiatrist.  How on earth can you choose what is best for you?  You are so worried that you won’t make the best decision because you are not educated in this sort of thing.


All alcohol and drug detox programs at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica are done under strict medical supervision.  Your safety is our highest concern during detox. Because your privacy is important, your detox will take place in your private suite directed by our medical personnel.

At CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica we understand that everyone goes through detox a different way. No two bodies are the same, so there will be differences in every detox experience.  This is a good reason to have medical personnel managing the detox in case your body experiences severe withdrawal symptoms.


Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detoxification generally follows the same progression for everyone at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica with minor variations depending on how long the patient has been abusing alcohol.  After about 12 hours from the last drink, the person will begin shaking, vomiting, and sweating.  The patient will become extremely anxious, almost like a constant panic attack.  You won’t be alone – the medical team will be there to see you through.

After 12 hours have elapsed, at this time the medical staff at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica goes on high alert.  This is the time when alcohol detox can become dangerous.  During these next two days, patients will experience a racing heart and wide fluctuations in blood pressure.  After 12 hours, patients in alcohol detox can start having seizures.

The medical professionals at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica know that the seizures themselves are not life-threatening, but the patient may hurt themselves during a seizure since they have no control of their body.  The next thing to expect is hallucinations.  Again, the hallucination itself is not dangerous, but the patient may try to hurt others or himself because he believes he is in danger of being harmed.

In rare cases, about 5% of the time, alcohol withdrawal can cause delirium tremens.  This is the most dangerous development because delirium tremens can be fatal.  If anything like this develops, the trained medical personnel are on hand to monitor blood pressure, keep people from harming themselves, and to treat delirium tremens. 

Usually, between 10 to 15 days later the body will be completely clear of alcohol. The physical part is done.  However, CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica understands that alcohol withdrawal feelings may go on for months.  The mental addiction to alcohol is very real.


Drug Detox

Detox from drugs has different timelines, depending on the drug. Some drugs create more of a physical addiction while other drugs create more of a mental addiction. Most drugs will create a combination of issues.

Meth Addiction Detox

Crystal meth is one of the drugs that creates mostly a mental addiction. It is well known that methamphetamines create addiction almost immediately. The feelings it produces create an overwhelming desire to have more, even after only one dose. The mental addiction is what causes meth and other amphetamines to have a high relapse rate.

Even though detox from speed and other amphetamines is less physical in nature, having been on meth has been destroying the body. CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica sees patients struggling with meth abuse every day. There are changes in the brain over time. The second leading cause of death for people addicted to meth is heart disease.


Meth also damages your immune system, making you more like to catch viruses of all kinds. And because the body has a hard time breaking down amphetamines, the kidneys eventually fail. So, it’s important to put yourself in the care of an experienced team at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica. If you want to save your body and your mind, rehab at CMR is your best bet. Don’t let meth ruin your life and your body.

At CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica, our team has supervised hundreds of meth detox sessions. Fortunately, the physical withdrawal from meth is not physically dangerous like it is with alcohol or opioids. The only physically dangerous part of meth detox is that the mind becomes so confused during detox that the patient may try to harm themselves. Otherwise, there are not life-threatening physical withdrawal symptoms.

When going through meth detox, the first mental symptoms can be expected within the first day. CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica can help you through, as the symptoms continue to peak until about a week. After the symptoms peak, they will start declining for about a week or two. Our medical team knows that most people have physically cleared the amphetamines after three weeks.


Opioid Detox

CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica knows the extent of the opioid epidemic in our country. Even in Santa Monica, with plenty of wholesome activities available, it’s still easy for people to fall into opioid addictions. Opioid detox is as dangerous as alcohol detox. Our medical staff will be with you through your withdrawal. Just like with alcohol, opioid withdrawal symptoms can start as soon as 12 hours after your last dose. You will feel anxious, restless, and your body will ache. Eventually, the hallucinations and seizures will begin.

But the medical personnel at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica will be right by your side so that you will be safe. If your addiction is severe, they can administer other medications to help you through.

In With The New....

Now that you have rid your body of all toxins, CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica is anxious to start you on the path to recovery.  Here are our four main treatment options.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient Rehab at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica is conducted with empathy, compassion, and dignity.  You will always be treated with respect. Your days in inpatient rehab will be structured around individual counseling, group therapy, and holistic healing techniques.

Counselors and therapists at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica will carefully monitor your progress and make sure you stay on track.  They will lead you through each step so you never feel like you have to figure this out on your own.  At CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica you don’t have to worry about if things are proceeding properly.


Partial Inpatient

If you and your CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica counselor have decided you would benefit most from partial inpatient rehab, the next step is to learn more about this program.

When you participate in partial inpatient rehab at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica, the main difference is that you go home at night.  You spend up to 10 hours per day at the center participating in various kinds of therapy, then return to your home in the evening.

Or if your home environment is not stable, you can return to a sober living home here on our campus.

Treatments you can expect during the day vary depending on your needs.  CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica will make sure you have several group sessions every day.  These group sessions will be centered around education and coping skills. You will also have individual counseling when needed.


Intensive Outpatient Rehab

The Intensive Outpatient rehab program at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica is the next step down from partial inpatient.  Again, you will participate in several kinds of therapy during the day, but this time you will be on campus for about 5 or 6 hours per day.  You will be home for the weekends or at a sober living home.


Outpatient Rehab

At CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica, the outpatient rehab program is another step down from intensive outpatient rehab.  In this program, you will spend a few hours per day at the facility, three to five times per week.  If your career has flexible hours, it is possible to keep your job when involved in outpatient rehab.


Why Choose CMR Rehab Center of Burbank?

Our Staff & Our Campus

Remember that probably the best reason to chose rehab at CMR Rehab Center of Santa Monica is that you can stop worrying.  We take care of everything for you. You don’t have to think about anything but healing.

Our entire team is committed to ethical behavior.  We are committed to offering you a peaceful serene environment.  We have carefully crafted our campus to feel more like visiting a resort than going into rehab.  Your every need will be met cheerfully and calmly.  You won’t find a better rehab facility.

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