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The Beauty of Lanark Park in Canoga Park, CA

Lanark Park is a beautiful park located right off the 210 freeway. The trails are well kept and offer some fantastic views of the entire San Fernando Valley area. There are several different places to enter the trail from around 17500 Burbank Blvd. If you take each one, it will eventually lead back to this location, offering many opportunities for panoramic photos! Along with being very photogenic, plenty of wildlife can be spotted along these trails as well, including deer, rabbits, and even coyotes have been known to roam through here at night, making this an excellent hike; year-round! This outdoor wonderland also features soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and multiple picnic areas for family and friends to enjoy. Learn information about  Canoga Park, CA.

Lanark Park in Canoga Park, California, is a beautiful park with lots of greenery and open space. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, and there’s plenty of parking on-site (it’s free!). Lanark Park also has many amenities such as barbecue pits, basketball courts, tennis courts, play structures for kids and adults alike, a public pool (for an extra fee), picnic tables set up under the trees to take in some shade on hot summer days or nights when it's more excellent outside due to being shaded by all the tall trees surrounding you. There are snacks at the small store located near the entrance but if your family prefers picnics, then be sure to bring coolers/ice chests stocked with food items that everyone will enjoy eating! In addition, there are restrooms available throughout this expansive green area within Lanark Park which makes it very convenient. Lanark Park in Canoga Park, California, is an excellent place for families to come and enjoy spending time together outdoors! They’ll love all the things to do here! We highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in the area - especially if you have kids. Discover facts about Lazy J. Ranch Park: A Relaxing Place for the Family.

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